That One Pumidor Post I Promised Over A Year Ago…

7 thoughts on “That One Pumidor Post I Promised Over A Year Ago…”

  1. Really interesting article. I will watch this project with great interest. Unfortunately, I lack the engineering know-how to replicate this myself and so must be looking to a turnkey solution if I travel down this route. In the meantime, I’ll just keep managing the humidity manually while keeping the temp at room temperatures like I’ve done for the past several years.


  2. Oh and another question: How are you powering it and how long would something like this, maybe without fans, just the measurement, run off of a battery?


    1. If you wanted to run a system like this off a battery, you’d need a clever power-management strategy – the power consumption of the Wemos D1 Mini is relatively high.

      Assuming you wanted to keep the wifi for ease of use, I’d suggest setting up a system whereby a low-power-capable controller (say an Arduino Nano or Pro Mini, using the rocketscream Low-Power library) is used to switch power to the Wemos. For example:

      – Nano turns on power to Wemos (either using a DO pin or a relay/transistor)
      – Wemos starts up, initialises, transmits a datum via HTTP, then drives a DO pin high.
      – Nano, monitoring the Wemos’ DO pin with a DI pin, waits for it to drive high, then goes to sleep for an hour (or however long) and repeats the process indefinitely.

      Of course, you could also just use a low-power-capable controller and a wifi shield to begin with, but this would require more work to figure out and get working


  3. Hey! Nice project, and something that I have had on my to-do list for quite a while as well.

    You can create a layout for your PCB with software such as KiCad, and PCBWay is a very low-cost PCB manufacturing house which I have used in the past and been happy with their work.


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