Translated Article – Sealed Pu’er Storage Comparison Experiment

This article was retrieved here. All the usual caveats of my previously translated articles still apply here~ Please don’t shoot the messenger. For this one I will add a quick personal note: For anybody that somehow has not heard about sealed storage in the West, the first place you should absolutely go to find information … Continue reading Translated Article – Sealed Pu’er Storage Comparison Experiment


So…have you all seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? The famous Ang Lee movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is actually named based on a common Chinese idiom, describing somebody who conceals their talent. Our Jianghu hero Li Mubai (Chow Yun-Fat) is tasked with the duty of protecting a dangerously powerful sword, the Green Destiny – But in the days … Continue reading 急功近利

Wednesday Update

It’s been quite the busy semester for me up here in quaint bum-fuck Reno. I’ve been preoccupied with teaching my first semester of Chinese at the university and trying to keep up with my own master’s degree. Of course, this hasn’t kept me from drinking tea, nor exploring the deep sea of information out there … Continue reading Wednesday Update

The Semantics of Sheng – Age and Maturity

A topic that surfaces regularly when I discuss tea with friends is the way we are forced to construct a shared vocabulary, and the difficulties that brings.  Appreciation of tea is already an exceptionally-subjective activity – mixing in the experiential isolation and vast variation in breadth of experience that often exists between pu-aficionados in the West only … Continue reading The Semantics of Sheng – Age and Maturity