What’s in a water?

8 thoughts on “What’s in a water?”

  1. Yes! Another thing to think about is to try different filter pitchers if you are using filtered tap. They’re all a bit different. Purelife is also not the gold standard by any means, it is just average, balanced water. It really is so important, I’ve been exploring water for tea for a year and I still am – it has taught me a lot.


    1. Definitely. Unfortunately my (Los Angeles) municipal supply still sucks through a decent filter, so I’ve given up on tap until I move into a place where I can fit an under-sink RO setup. The Costco units gave great water for coffee, hopefully they’re similarly suited to tea.

      If you have any hot tips from the last year, I’d love to hear what you’ve found.


      1. Unfortunately my (Los Angeles) municipal supply still sucks through a decent filter

        Consider multiple passes through the filter. The water at my office sucks hard (on a good day, it smells like a swimming pool) and for a long time I bought gallons of the local spring water. Then I got a blue filter for my Brita and started running tap water through it twice, which makes it pretty usable for daily drinker tea. Probably it would be better if I remineralized it, but so far I’ve been too lazy for that.


      2. Unfortunately, mine is a mains-inline style.

        I’m considering tea-ing at work shortly, though, so I’ll be sure to keep that in mind if I can’t get decent water there.


  2. Interesting perspective on using water in tea. I find it fascinating and therefore became a water sommelier to further explore and advocate for the use of better water in tea.


    1. Ah, thank-you Lew!

      I just want to say, I love your site – it’s been a constant reference tool for me over the last couple of years. So thanks for that, too.


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